Animal Erasers

Japanese animal erasers are a favorite at Things With Eyes – just the kind of companionable creatures we love to have around. Easy to slip into a pocket or pencil case, happy to join you at your desk or sit on your computer, they will listen attentively to all of your ideas and gaze thoughtfully back at you.

Each animal also has its own peculiar character – the elephant erasers appear quite at ease, the koalas are evidently ready to hug anything that behaves like a tree, the cows have a cautiously optimistic look (“You will be my friend… won’t you?”), the pig erasers seem slightly startled to have been turned such colors, the hamsters are obviously plotting to tie you up and steal your sunflower seeds, and the penguins and squid are enigmatic as always – as if they are perhaps solving complex math problems in their heads while deigning to engage with your puny little human concerns.

Watch this video if you want to see all the animal erasers and learn a little bit about what makes them so special!