Japanese Erasers

Collectible – Tradable – Fun!

Welcome to the strange multicolor world of Japanese erasers – where you can find everything from elephants to eggplant represented in miniature. We offer cute and collectible Iwako erasers and Yumenoaru (Dream) erasers from Zensyinsyoji – both proudly made in Japan from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Most of the erasers found here are “puzzle” erasers or take-apart erasers – meaning that they are made up of different parts (along color lines) You can visit our animal eraser range or our food eraser range by clicking on the links, or by selecting a sub category on the “Japanese Erasers” menu bar above.

Funny, Quirky and Cool – Japanese Erasers Are The New Tamagochi

Cow ErasersJapan has been responsible for a lot of amazing things over the years. Without the Japanese we would not have the fine tradition of martial arts, we wouldn’t have the ongoing fun provided by computer games systems like the PlayStation or Wii and even the humble floppy disk would never have existed – it was invented by a Japanese guy meditating at the bottom of a swimming pool. Yes really.

Japan has always been the home of cutting edge innovations in electronics but it also has a knack for producing some of the more curious items over the years – like the Tamagotchi for example; the worlds first digital pet and of course the entire Manga genre of cartoons. And now Japanese erasers are the latest quirky product to come from a land where Eastern and Western culture have been mashed together in the most interesting possible way.

Elephant ErasersNow you all know what an eraser is and that it’s used for erasing anything you’ve drawn with a pencil. In the Western world erasers are all about pure function and nobody ever really thinks about adding some fun to the eraser equation. But leave it to the Japanese ,and in particular a company called Iwako, to inject a sense of fun and color into the otherwise boring world of pencil erasers. These Japanese erasers look like they were drawn by the same team who created the Pokémon characters because they have that same wide-eyed sense of fun about them. If you’re familiar with the Manga style of artwork you’ll know exactly what to expect from these erasers – they’re just incredibly cute and have the kinds of expressions on their “faces” that make you tilt your head in wonder or to connect with them in some way.

Koala ErasersIf you’re a fan of collecting all things Japanese then these erasers by Iwako would make an ideal addition to your existing Manga or Pokémon character collection. The neat thing about these erasers is that they do actually perform the function of a normal eraser but for you the real value lies in building up the entire collection from each range. So for example one of the most popular collections is the animal erasers where you can choose from cows, frogs, hamsters, koala bears, pigs, penguins, elephants and polar bears and each of these characters has its own unique expression and posture. Then when you combine the fact most of these Japanese erasers are also puzzle erasers, where you can break it down into its individual parts, you have the potential for creating your own range of unique animal erasers by mixing and matching body parts and colors.

Penguin ErasersThen you have the whole range of food erasers that really have to be seen to be believed – they’re so detailed! You get to choose from bread erasers, cake erasers, fast food erasers (with a nod to a very famous brand) and of course ice-cream erasers. Some of these food erasers look almost good enough to eat and it’s worth pointing out that these Japanese erasers aren’t suitable for babies or toddlers because of the small parts in each eraser would be extremely dangerous for small children to handle or accidentally swallow.

There’s just something so innovative about these Japanese puzzle erasers that you smile when you see them. Now this could just be a reminder of when we were younger, happier and life was far simpler or it again it could just be that Japanese way of creating something so quirky you can’t help but smile at the faces of these cute eraser cows, pigs and penguins. These guys have been created to be enjoyed, shared and traded with your friends over and over again.

If you’re looking for a new, fun and colorful addition to your collection of all things Japanese then these erasers are a worthy and potentially valuable addition.