Finger Monsters
Finger MonstersFinger MonstersFinger Monsters

Finger Monsters

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Creepy Finger Monsters!

Who didn’t have at least one or two Finger Monsters when they were young? Now you can have them again… and even better, you can introduce them to your own young for the first time. There’s always a new generation eager to adopt their first strange monster aliens with wiggly arms, spiny skins, and big teeth.

Multi-colored, occasionally multi-armed and multi-eyed, and with a selection of wings, suckers, claws, webs, scales, or horns, these horrible creatures from outer space have their ogling black and white eyes fixed on this planet and its populace, ready to launch their monstrous campaign to invade the earth by way of our pencil cases and coat pockets.

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Product Description

continued… We send these deluxe Finger Monsters out into the world in two selections of the weird and wonderful. In Selection 1 is the horrific insect-armed Rodney, the bizarre brain-exposed Geez, the purple-armed red-crested orange-beaked yellow-bodied Fluther, and the oddly ape-like orange Sark. In Selection 2 is the fearsome four-eyed Glog, the seriously evil Saurn with his vampire wings, the wide-eyed golden-horned Spike, and the slightly confused-looking Kipper. Order one selection and wave at your friends with a handful of alien fingertips. Order both and you can stage multi-monster battles right there in front of your eyes.

Finger Monsters Sets

  • Set One includes: Rodney, Geez, Fluther and Sark (left to right, left hand as pictured below).
  • Set Two includes: Spike, Kipper, Glob and Saurn (left to right, right hand as pictured below).

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2 to 3 inches tall (depending on species).