Koala Erasers

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Japanese Koala Erasers

The distinctive black button-nose of this koala eraser makes him especially appealing, along with his little round eyes and tufty ears. These koalas are puzzle erasers from the Japanese company Iwako…
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Product Description

continued… They pull apart into five pieces (you can even take their heads apart!), and if you have more than one you can mix and match, producing pink-headed koalas with green bodies or similar marsupial mutants. Koala Erasers come in a classic Koala grey, a cool minty-green (the better to blend with the eucalyptus), as well as pink, blue, orange, and lavender.

  • Eco-friendly erasers, made entirely in Japan.
  • Puzzle erasers can be disassembled and reassembled.
  • Fun and collectible!

Additional Information


approx 1.25 inches.


Non-toxic materials. Non-pvc. Latex and phthalate free. No lead.

Colors Available:

Grey, pink, blue, orange, lavender, green.


Iwako (Japan)