Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Bottle Opener


Shark Bottle Opener

Lurking in the reefy shallows of your counter-top, Shark Bottle Opener awaits her chosen prey. Suddenly she darts out and grabs an unwary bottle-top in her jaws, or catches a passing pull-tab with a swish of her tail. No solitary dorsal fin or outsize rows of pointy teeth here – the Animal House Shark Bottle Opener instead captures the sleek and streamlined elegance of the shark form and its cartilaginous motion.

Product Description

continued… With her gleaming flattened body in a dense charcoal grey plastic, glinting eyes and shiny tail, Shark Bottle Opener will make a fun and stylish addition to any household. Sturdy stainless-steel jaws are embedded in her underside for opening bottles, while her tail is designed to pop open the tabs of drinks cans.

  • Stainless steel bottle opener.
  • Inset Pull-tab opener tail.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Additional Information


8 1/4 inch length, 2 3/4 inch width.


High-density plastic body, stainless steel blade.


Charcoal grey.


Boston Warehouse.