Skunk Duster

Skunk Duster


Skunk Duster

Wipe away the grey with this distinctive black and white Skunk Duster. Skunk Duster’s rustling electrostatic tail is all aquiver to get at your dusty shelves and webby corners. He even has a special adaptation for dusting blinds, the slats slipping between the black and white parts of his tail.

Product Description

continued… Skunk Duster’s body is shaped into a non-slip handle that fits comfortably in your hand. A rounded head and a pointy snout finish off the handle, with shiny oval eyes that give him a slightly wild and mysterious gaze. On the reverse side of his body there is a nail-hook slot for easy storage.

The Animal House Skunk Duster aims to bring a little more fun into a task most of us hate. Now, if someone could do the same for ironing…

  • Shaped non-slip handle.
  • Electrostatic tail – ideal for delicate items.
  • Duster feature for blinds.

Additional Information


16 inch length.


Plastic soft-grip handle, electrostatic tail.


Black and white.


Boston Warehouse.