Snail Tape Dispenser

Snail Tape Dispenser


Snail Tape Dispenser

Snail Tape Dispenser produces a sticky trail to aid you around the house and office. A snail this size in your garden would make quick work of the lettuce and cabbages, leaving them as full of holes as a Swiss cheese – but creeping through the leaves of paper on your desk the brightly colored gastropod will be a welcome sight and a helpful friend.

Product Description

continued… Snail Tape Dispenser has a distinctive plastic body in contrasting smooth orange and textured orange-red, and sports the characteristic gleaming silvery eyes of the Animal House range at the end of her tentacles. Tape feeds to the cutting blade between the tentacles from within the spiral-patterned shell.

Snail Tape Dispenser has a weighted body and a rubbery non-slip base to help hold her steady. The tape roller clicks into place inside the shell and rolls smoothly to dispense your favorite brand of adhesive tape. Fill with standard dispenser refill 3/4″ tape rolls.

  • Weighted non-skid base.
  • Use with standard 3/4 inch tape rolls.

Additional Information


5 inch length, 2 1/4 inch width, 3 1/2 inch height.


Plastic, soft grip shell and metal tape cutter.


Orange / orange-red.


Boston Warehouse.