Totoro Case
Totoro Case

Totoro Case


Everyone Loves Totoro!
You can always rely on Totoro’s broad grin to let you know that everything is going to be OK. Whether you’re going to the office, to class, or even to a dreaded exam, pack up your stationery items in these cute Totoro cases and you’ll always have a friendly face to cheer you up. Both styles of Totoro zipper bags have a toothy smile sewn on to sturdy lined vinyl, a zippered top and a handy chain strap.
Small size is 5 X 4 inches.
Large size is 8 X 4 inches.

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Product Description

continued… Staring round eyes and a cute black nose and whiskers finish off the face. The legend at the bottom of the case reads “Tonari no Totoro” – My Neighbor Totoro, in Japanese – and if you look closely you’ll see that one of the letters has a mini-Totoro creature hidden in it. The Totoro pencil case is perfect for your pencils and pens, of course, but you can also use it for your Japanese eraser collection, Totoro charms, or maybe that nice collection of dollar bills you’re trying to keep flat – it’s up to you! The small Totoro zipper case is charmingly compact – smiling from ear to ear and holding you in its mesmeric gaze, it will also hold your coins, control those little items like lip-balm, erasers, and mints that usually rattle around or hide themselves away in the deepest corners of your schoolbag, or a myriad other things.

Totoro is a comforting and familiar character from the Japanese animation Tonari no Totoro – “My Neighbor Totoro” – directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. First released in 1988, Totoro has been a particular favorite with children and adults in Japan ever since. Totoro is enormous, furry, gentle, and mysterious. He lives in the forest, where you might look for him and not find him – but you know he’ll be there in the end when you most need him to give you a furry hug and a big wordless smile.

  • Great for pencils and pens
  • Small case is great for coins, erasers and lip balm

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Large, Small


Vinyl with fabric lining


Grey with black and white detail.